I was born and raised mostly in Kempton Park, South Africa. My childhood was largely spent reading Roald Dahl's books, imagining I was a car mechanic, a chef, a mermaid or a member of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My parents moved our family of six to Winkler, Manitoba, Canada in 1998, and I began my life on the prairies. 

Winnipeg has been my home for 13 years now, and getting around this beautiful city on bus, bike or my own two legs is the best way to see life, and a great source of inspiration for my work.  In my spare time, I love watching Doctor Who, cycling around town and going to Winnipeg's best place for breakfast, Stella's Cafe.  I still have a vivid imagination, though I'm fairly certain I will never be a mermaid or car mechanic.


I graduated from Red River College in 2005 with a Diploma in Graphic Design and have worked as an in-house designer for nine years with the following companies:

Ricki’s Fashions Inc.

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society

Canadian Mennonite University


As an in house designer, I've had the opportunity to work with editors, copywriters, web developers and communications directors, and their expertise has guided me in my work as a designer. I believe concepts are essential in communication design and design is just window-dressing without the solid backbone of a strong concept. It is important to listen to clients and the people who interact with our work because their perspective can enhance the end product.