Camps with Meaning Brochure

Client: Mennonite Church Manitoba

Camps with Meaning runs three campsites around Manitoba and they have a lot of specific camp information to include in their annual brochure. The busiest part of the brochure was the summer schedule, and customers were having a hard time deciphering all the information. I worked with the Camp Director to determine the best way to show all their information/schedules. 

A colour code representing the three camps ran throughout the brochure, making it easy to find the information for each specific camp. Instead of packing the schedule into two pages, we spread it out over four pages and used tables and grid structure to separate and highlight information. 

A calendar at the back of the brochure gave a visual overview of the three different camp schedules, which is helpful for parents whose children might be attending different camps at the same time. 

The map was enlarged and updated to match the colour code used in the brochure.  

The best part of this project was creating fun camp icons that kids would enjoy, whilst their parents are taking in all the important information.